Transforming industries with deep learning

Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence technology has matured so much it can now be applied in practice to automation processes in industries like agriculture and manufacturing. Through Deep Learning, the latest development in AI research, algorithms constantly retrain themselves to improve their performance.

Traditional engineering techniques give limited performance when applied in complex real-world applications. Deep Learning algorithms achieve accuracies close to 100 percent, outperforming traditional engineering techniques in computer vision, robotics, prediction and optimization applications.


VBTI is developing a software platform that facilitates the application of Deep Learning solutions for companies in agriculture and manufacturing. Our VBTI OneDL platform can be integrated in your application to develop and constantly retrain the best algorithms in a wide variety of applications. VBTI OneDL manages the entire lifecycle of data collection, annotation, model training and deployment in the field.


Deep Learning models can analyze plants, predict harvests, and optimize greenhouse yields better than traditional techniques. Our solutions help companies to develop the best performing agricultural application so growers and farmers produce smarter and more efficiently.


Deep Learning enables quality inspection for visually complex products and production flow optimization. By integrating our solutions into your automation application you reduce cost and increase quality levels.

Become an AI expert

We partner with Mikrocentrum to provide training programs on deep learning for industrial applications.