Deep Learning for agri application builders

VBTI develops smart software solutions based on Deep Learning for companies developing agricultural robots and applications. Our smart software can be integrated in your robot or (web) application to assist in a wide variety of tasks ranging from plant (part) recognition, yield prediction, robot path planning to greenhouse optimization.

Agriculture and horticulture are some of the most challenging fields for the deployment of AI in the real world, since they work with organic matter that is hard to standardise. Every plant, vegetable or fruit is different from the next, which makes e.g. image recognition a very difficult task. Our smart software constantly collects data from new situations and is sending them to the cloud, where they are used to retrain and update the deep learning models in order to give the best performance.

VBTI’s OneDL platform has managed to build AI systems that can operate in this ever changing and unpredictable environment. You don’t need to have a team of deep learning experts yourself in order to integrate our solution into your application and benefit from the advantages of deep learning. We have already integrated our solutions in robots and applications of our customers that cuts the leaves of cucumber plants in a greenhouse, harvests asparagus on a field, predicts strawberry harvest trend and estimate cucumber leaf area. Whatever your need, we will find the appropriate smart solution.

Interested in working with us to improve your agri robot or application? Feel free to contact us.