Deep Learning Operations platform​

Deep Learning (DL) technology presents an unprecedented opportunity for companies to fully automize their processes and production by making their robots and machines more intelligent. But deep learning is a difficult technology that is even more difficult to deploy in practice without the right expertise in your company. VBTI OneDL allows customers to integrate deep learning technology in their applications without being a deep learning expert themselves and manages the entire lifecycle of Deep Learning models.

To make AI models work in the real world, four steps are required. These are collecting data to train the model, annotating the data so the model will understand them, training the model with the annotated data, and finally deploying the trained model in the real world. When new situations arise the model does not yet understand, the cycle repeats itself with the model constantly being retrained and updated with this new data. If this is done correctly, Deep Learning models can achieve accuracy levels close to 100 percent, outperforming traditional engineering techniques.

Managing this lifecycle is a momentous task with many feedback loops, requiring highly skilled human labour. VBTI OneDL is the world’s first software platform to fully manage this lifecycle for clients in agriculture and manufacturing. The platform consists of two parts. OneDL Edge contains the actual algorithm and works at the end user’s own facility, where it collects new data and monitor model performance. That data is then sent to OneDL Cloud, where it is used to retrain and update the model for continued optimal performance. Each of our clients has their own private cloud where all their DL systems are managed.

We’re still looking for strategic partners in agriculture and manufacturing who believe in this technology and are willing to deploy it. Please contact us if you’re interested or want more information.