About VBTI

Making automation intelligent

VBTI is an AI engineering company that develops Deep Learning solutions for companies in areas such as agriculture and manufacturing. Our team consists of highly motivated, skilled and educated professionals who are enthusiastic about the field of AI and its application in the real world. We believe in a mix of young and old talent, both fresh and experienced minds that are needed to push AI into its next phase of development and concretely help companies perform better.


Albert van Breemen founded VBTI in 2019. In the 90s Albert pioneered the use of artificial neural networks for non-linear control system applications, such as robotics, industrial process optimization and room temperature control. In 2001 he finished his PhD on intelligent software agent for control systems. Since then, he has worked for high tech companies including Philips and ASML.

Albert holds over 13 patents in the area of consumer electronics products and received Time magazine’s Coolest Invention Award as well as the New Technology Foundation (NTF) Award on Entertainment Systems and Robots.